INTER HIGH is a panfandom sports anime/manga exchange covering everything from Prince of Tennis to Haikyuu!! to Hikaru no Go. It’s open to fanfiction and fanart, and as of right now sign ups are open!  Just click the link above to sign up (you’ll need an AO3 account).

For more information about the exchange, click here!

Sign ups close on Sept. 28, so join now! Assignments will be sent out Oct. 1, and works are due on Nov. 1.

Don’t miss out on the most action-packed exchange of the season! Sign up, reblog this if you can, and spread the word so others can join!

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Due to shadiness on GoFundMe’s part, I’ve moved my anesthesia fund to YouCaring. The target amount is $35 lower than before thanks to two very generous people who have already donated. Thank you ♥

If you’re into ball-jointed dolls, my BFF Lance is offering doll clothes if you donate! Socchan is also offering crochet patterns; more details here. Otherwise I don’t have anything else to offer besides my sincerest thanks.

Please help Ketsu! She’s a darling friend who’s helped me in more ways than I can count or remember at this point. If you can spare any amount, it would help so much. Reblogs are appreciated too!

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INTER HIGH is a panfandom sports anime exchange! We accept both fanfiction and fanart, and we want YOUR favorite sports anime and manga to be represented this year!

To get your fandom involved, nominate it by clicking the link above!

For more information on the exchange, click here! (Sign ups open on September 1.) To help spread the word about the exchange, reblog this post or this one.

The nomination period ends at midnight tonight, so reblog and tell your friends!

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to all my followers who take antipsychotic medications:

please remember the heat stroke advisory! please remember your meds may make it more difficult for your body to regulate its core temperature! wear your loosest clothes and limit your sun exposure!

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AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING commissions drawn for me by peachymints/mermen-in-my-teacup!!! I am so in love with them, they are just what I always wanted for my Free!boys and their Mega Evolutions… ;u; And the tiny little broaches the megastones are in——-!!!!!1!

Thank you so much peachymints, they are beautiful and perfect and now I feel so inspired to commission more Free! x Pokemon art!!!

I am going to POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Washington DC this weekend, cosplaying Rin as a Mega Garchomp trainer…with a Mega Garchomp to prove it, of course :D If you see me there…please say hello! :D

cyanokit this is relevant to your interests.


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gay boyfriend sweaters

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wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

ive watched this video an unimaginable amount of times

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Incredibly sad news! It seems Universal Studios Hollywood will be tearing down their historic “Stage 28”, originally built in 1924 for “Phantom Of The Opera” starring Lon Chaney Sr. which still houses the oldest standing set in Hollywood, most likely in the world - the Paris Opera House set. The set was built for the 1925 “Phantom”, also used in the Claude Rains Technicolor remake, in “Man of a Thousand Faces”, Hitchcock’s “Torn Curtain”, “The Sting” and countless other films and TV shows at Universal. It is a part of cinema history, by rights it should have been declared an historic landmark by the government. I hope something can be done to stop the demolition of this amazing set, and “Stage 28” itself. The Opera house set is constructed of wood and re-inforced plaster, even if it could be moved - damage is very likely, due to it’s age. Evidently Universal needs more room for their tourist theme park. If so, they should turn the opera house set into an elaborate movie dinner theater, and show Universal features there, it is in great condition, there is no reason why they can’t use it as part of the tour. It would be a real tragedy if this is lost! 

Please sign this petition and spread the word.

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So, a life update

I have no idea when I’ll be back! At the moment you can find me on twitter at @sunriseline most reliably; you can also e-mail me at passerine.cloud@gmail.com because I try to check that.

Hope you guys are having good lives :D

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I thought you were family!
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