libero (li·be·ro)- a player specialized in defensive skills: the libero must wear a contrasting jersey color from his or her teammates and is, generally, the most skilled defensive player on the team.

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i didn’t ask to be this much in love with a fictional character but there he is and here i am

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Small bird of florist

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in a healthy, close relationship of any kind, when something upsets you, you need to bring it up. as soon as possible, even. cultivate an environment in which you both can talk about things that upset you, with the utmost attention to everyone’s feelings. it’s a really simple thing to do but it’s a thing i’ve been working on for a while and i’m getting actual nice things happening as a result

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a playlist for when you’re appreciating being human.

i. dead sea the lumineers ii. weight of living pt. i bastille iii. i don’t wanna pray edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros iv. instant crush daft punk v. working man imagine dragons vi. i warned you do not make an enemy of me los campesinos! vii. preacher onerepublic viii. gasoline the silent comedy ix early birdie owl city x. avocado, baby los campesinos!

playlist for when you’re not.

i. c o m p a n i o n aural automaton ii. you’re a wolf sea wolf iii. laura palmer bastille iv. uptight imagine dragons v. let the poison spill from your throat the faint vi. proteigon omar & nodey vii. the strangest things radical face viii. i am sick of people being sick of my shit the world/inferno friendship society ix. contact daft punk x. desperately safe alias conrad coldwood

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more utena

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5x7 postercards of our beloved Free boys (@´ v `@)
Will be up for sale at Acen, Fanime, & AX coming up!

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"Artistry," Princess Tutu (Rue/Mytho), G

~200 words. I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier. AO3 Mirror.

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